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The Results Are In!

Visit us at to see the entries that received honorable mention! Also, it is officially time to start submitting pictures for the 2013 Photo Contest. Send us your very best photos of Nantucket for a chance to win cash AND be on the cover of the 2013-2014 Nantucket Directory!

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Postcard from the End of the World

reprint from Yesterday’s Island/Today’s Nantucket – by Phil Austin May 6 came and went again this year without the slightest mention of the Hindenburg disaster that occurred in Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937.  My father was exactly twenty years old at the time of the tragedy, which killed about three […]

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Where Does Nantucket Get Its Fresh Water?

Wherever you are on Nantucket, you know you can quickly reach water. And that’s one reason we all love Nantucket. We swim in it; we sail through it; we breathe in its salty scent, thick with the promise of life. But we cannot drink the seawater that surrounds us. (That […]

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Wild, Whiskered Islanders

Every day, thousands of healthy animals across the United States are put to death due to lack of homes, not to mention those in the wild that die of starvation, disease or the elements. Up until last year, Nantucket was not immune to this lethal devastation; and islander Carol Black […]

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Saving a Seal

Today, we got a call from an island visitor who was concerned about a seal on Madaket beach that had a noose-like length of rope stuck around its neck. Evidently the seal had been there since Tuesday, which meant it endured three days of hunger, distress, and a complete lack […]

Nantucket Memories

Remembering Nantucket’s Nobska

by Guest Blogger H. Flint Ranney The steamship Nobska was my all-time favorite boat. She served Nantucket from 1925 until 1973. Thanks to the Steamship Authority, you can hear her whistle during the arrivals and departures of the Motor Vessel Eagle in Nantucket (but not in Hyannis!). My first trip […]