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What Do You Appreciate Most About Your Dad?

His love for his family, his love and knowledge of this island. As written by Mary Miles in Nantucket Voices, Vol. Two, “A Nantucket Native who has worked hard and given back to the community.” That’s my “Papa Visco.”
-Carolyn Visco-Gould, Owner of Glasses On The Road and Nantucket Lightship Bracelets

I appreciate many things about my father, but the most admirable quality he has is the positive energy he contributes to every person, environment, and situation he encounters.  To bring that smile, his giant bear hugs, and positive encouragement to the table every single day of his life…is simply amazing. If I can follow in at least one of his footsteps I will have a successful life!
-Jason Bridges, owner of Nantucket Bike Tours and Handlebar Cafe

“Teaching me to take a chance, lose sometimes and never give up. He was encouraging me to race the bus to its stop. I would always whine “Nooo, we won’t make it!” but most of the time we would!”
-Jurgita Budaite, owner of Island Glow and Nantucket Eyelash Extensions

“My father was an artist. He was an architect and he drew lovely pen and ink sketches. I appreciate his gentleness, his sense of humor, his philosophical way of looking at the world, his appreciation of all things green (even before it was cool), and his love of short- sleeved plaid shirts and funny tweed hats (not at the same time of course). He was amazing!”
-Lynne Bolton, President, Founder and Artistic Director of White Heron Theatre Company

“I appreciate my Dad’s perspective on life, family, politics and, of course, sports: he took me to Fenway every summer as a kid. I appreciate his calming nature, and his patience and understanding.”
-Jason Graziadei, Public Information Officer at Nantucket Cottage Hospital

“His ability to listen and adapt his thinking.”
-Kevin Mohler, owner of Earthlawns

“Always standing by me thru the good and the bad, the break-ups and the career changes. He was/is my rock!”
-Sallyanne Austin, owner of Organic Hair Salon & Nail Spa

“His constant support and willingness to answer every question I ask.”
-Julianne Adams, intern at Yesterday’s Island / Today’s Nantucket

“I love his laid-back, easygoing, fun attitude.”
-Kori Olson, Nantucket native

“I appreciate my dad’s sense of humor the most. He never takes any of his or my own failings too seriously, which is very encouraging!”
-Andrew Cromartie, owner of Raucous Bacchus Productions

“He loves me unconditionally and he’s not afraid to show it, and knowing that makes me feel very safe and secure. And he’s very supportive.
-Alexandra Kopko, Nantucket native

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