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A Honey of a Hobby

Giddily we break out our picnic baskets, yellow hats and antique cars. We hug friends we haven’t seen in months, and the sun offers its first bashful smiles to us. But we aren’t the only ones dizzy over daffodil season. Our least obtrusive and most important island neighbors rely on […]

Today's Nantucket

Nantucket Winter

by Robert P. Barsanti   This winter remains in the shadows and in the base of the bushes.  It squats, cold and frozen, in the darkness, until the rain and the sun finally drive the dirty ice underground.  The crocuses remain hidden under the frozen turf, as do the daffodils.  […]

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Nantucket Romance Is Yours for the Taking

Guest blog by Johnny Greene, President/CEO of ETS International   Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family retreat, or a romantic weekend away, Nantucket Island is the perfect destination. Settled in 1641, Nantucket is wrought with New England history. The Island has been cited a National Historic Landmark District, and […]

Today's Nantucket

Details on Upcoming On-Island Film

In late March, independent filmmaker Jay Craven and his crew will arrive on Nantucket to begin production of Craven’s upcoming film, Peter and John.  Craven’s production company, Kingdom County Productions, has partnered with Vermont’s Marlboro College to produce this period piece based on Guy de Maupassant’s novel, Pierre et Jean.  […]