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Nantucket Pitch for Entrepreneurs
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Nantucket Pitch Deadline Approaches

by Catherine Macallister Do you have the perfect business idea for Nantucket? Are you a business founder with a plan to grow your business in new and exciting ways? Put your idea to the test in the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce’s N.I.C.E Pitch Competition. Simply fill out an application […]

Pinwheels Toys Nantucket
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What’s New on Nantucket: July 19, 2019

THE Place to Shop for Kids For nearly 30 years, Pinwheels has been known as the premiere shop for kids on Nantucket. Parents shopping there in 2019 once wore the fun summer sets and party clothes they are now buying for their children. This one-stop shop for clothing, toys, and […]

Nantucket Historical Association new exhibit 2019
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Special Nantucket Exhibit in the Whitney Gallery Opens June 21, 2019

The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) has partnered with Congregation Shirat HaYam to present a special exhibition entitled Strangers to Neighbors: Jewish Life on Nantucket in the Research Library’s Whitney Gallery this summer. This exhibition is in conjunction with the Congregation celebrating its 36th anniversary on Nantucket in 2019. Strangers to Neighbors explores the history […]

Wallet on Nantucket Bike Path
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Lost and Found on Nantucket

•  by C. Oscar Olson  • I love my morning commute.  The 3 mile bike ride from the South Shore to downtown Nantucket on a beautiful summer morning is truly a pleasure.  The benefits are numerous: No traffic, easy parking, exercise, and it’s good for the planet (not to mention […]