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Try It Out Tuesdays with the Artists Association of Nantucket

Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) is pleased to announce a new series of evening classes called “Try It Out Tuesdays.” These evenings are single mini-workshops that invite Nantucketers to come to AAN’s Visual Arts Center on 24 Amelia Drive and sample various classes. 

“Having an opportunity to see whether you enjoy working in an unknown medium, like clay or printmaking, is important,” says Elizabeth Congdon, Director of Adult Programming, “And how will you know if you don’t give it a chance?” 

Congdon and her team have crafted a line up of classes for drawing, painting, printmaking, collaging, and ceramics to make Tuesday evenings entertaining. Liz Buccino, Director of Youth Programming, is teaching two hand-building ceramics classes. “When people think of clay, they mostly assume it’s about wheel throwing. But there are all sorts of amazing ways you can work with clay beyond pottery, that are really satisfying and fun, whether you’ve worked extensively with clay, or not at all,” she says.

AAN hopes islanders will make Try-It-Out Tuesdays part of their fall routine. “Taking art classes is a wonderful way to relax, make new friends, build some skills, and exercise that part of your brain that might not get used during your typical day,” Congdon believes, “But sometimes we don’t know what a class will really be like, and if it’s worth the investment of our time and money.” These single Tuesday evenings will take place from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and the tuition of $60 will include all materials. 

For details about Try It Out Tuesdays and AAN’s schedule of classes and public programming, please visit the AAN website at

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