Today's Nantucket

Happy 50th Birthday to Nantucket Bookworks!

Half a century ago, on July 4, 1972, Patty Claflin opened her doors to readers
at Nantucket Bookworks on Federal Street (where the Corner Table and Nantucket
Culinary Center are now). Patty remembers that the first book she sold fifty years
ago was written by Nietzsche. Nine years later, she moved her shop to Broad
Street where Bookworks still stands today. At the turn of the century, on New
Year’s Eve in the year 2000, she officially passed the torch to current owner Wendy
Hudson and the rest, as they say, is history!

Many island residents and visitors hold Nantucket Bookworks dear to their
hearts. This independent bookstore with its broad selection of books, knowledgeable
staff, enchanting children’s room, and eclectic gifts is an island icon. Happy
birthday to Bookworks and happy reading to us all!

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