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Early June Weather on Nantucket

BeachChairWeatherThe calendar says it’s technically late spring, but it sure felt like early summer yesterday. It was spectacularly sunny all day long, and downright hot in the early afternoon. Its suitability as a beach day was not lost on the five dozen 4×4 drivers that lined 40th Pole with friends, family, beach balls and BBQ grills.

If you’re on a mission for Nantucket’s warmest water in early June, head to a north shore beach. The Nantucket Sound’s gentle waves are faster to warm up than the Atlantic-facing beaches. The water–though a bit nippy at first–is finally warm enough for a swim. The striped bass seem to agree. Fishermen are reeling in the big ones by now.

Last week was scattered with some rainy days (especially dreary Thursday, whose rain created puddles the size of lobster pots in some parts of the island).

As always, early summer weather on Nantucket is proving unpredictable, making it important to take advantage of beautiful June days when they arrive. If you’re coming to Nantucket for a June visit, pack your swimsuit and shorts but throw a cardigan and jeans in your suitcase, too.

Only 12 more days ’til it’s officially summer.


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