Nantucket Christmas Park
Today's Nantucket

A Night View of Nantucket at Christmastime

Nantucket Island gets quiet at Christmastime.

Stroll Weekend, the annual craft fairs, holiday shows are over.  Those who go Off for the holiday often depart before the Solstice.  It’s time for those who stay to settle in with loved ones and enjoy the peace that off-season brings.

One of our favorite things to do at the end of December is walk up Main Street, along Center and Federal and Broad to see the lights on all the decorated trees and shops.  Here are some views of last night’s walk through town.  Enjoy and happy Christmas from!

Nantucket Fountain at Christmas


Nantucket Christmas Trees Right

Nantucket Christmas Trees Murray

Nantucket Xmas Tree Big

Craftmasters at Christmas

Nantucket Xmas Federal



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