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Four Fun Festivals on Nantucket this Spring

Nantucket Island is getting ready for a 2022 spring season that is better than ever! Four fun festivals are being relaunched, featuring in-person events that everyone can enjoy. There will be family activities, picnics, parades, art exhibits, parties, lectures, and gatherings. The fun begins in April with the Nantucket Daffodil Festival by the […]

Nantucket Daffodil Festival Ensemble
Today's Nantucket

Dressing Daffy This Weekend on Nantucket Island

The last weekend in April is when everyone on Nantucket, from those whose usual garb includes overalls and workboots to those who typically dress in designer duds, to don whimsical hats and dress Daffy. The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, organizer of the celebration of spring that is Daffodil Festival […]

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Daffy Dressing

One of our favorite things about the celebration of Spring on Nantucket that is the Nantucket Dafffodil Festival is the way that so many of the festival-goers dress up for the party.  Parents dress up their little ones in white and yellow, in flowers real and artistic. The fun includes […]