Nantucket Main Street daffodils
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One Year after Lockdown, a Beloved Landmark Returns to Nantucket Island

Today, March 11, we are all looking back over a year of pain, loss, stress, and uncertainty that came with the pandemic and the lockdown that officially began March 11, 2020. In the midst of today’s reflections, a beloved historic landmark was returned to Nantucket Island, bringing with it the hopes of many that life will soon return to what we remember more than a year ago.

Donated to the Town more than 130 years ago, this fountain, dedicated in the 1930s to a veteran of the Spanish-American War, was once located at the top of Main Street. In that location, it served as a drinking fountain for horses and for humans. Read the history of Nantucket’s Main Street Fountains (yes, there were two).

Today, the Lt. Max Wagner Memorial Fountain is known and loved as the island landmark that the Nantucket Garden Club adorns with fresh flowers year-round. We are all looking forward to seeing the fountain overflowing with fresh daffodils this April. For more photos & videos, follow us on Instagram.

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