Nantucket Tips

Five Fun Fall Freebies

Now that Nantucket’s tourist season has slowed to a trot, year-round working people on FallStreet2the island have a little bit more time to relax and a lot more room to breathe. At the same time, this means that the lucrative part of the year is yielding to the leaner months. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to do on the island. Here are five of our favorite free activities that can be done in the fall:

1. Riding bikes out to Madaket. Wait for a sunny day so you get to really soak everything in. The leaves that snuggle up around the bike path, the silent, glimmering waters of Long Pond’s north head. And this not even to mention all of the new bunny friends you’re sure to meet. You’ve got to fortify your social network in preparation for winter on Nantucket.
2. Good old-fashioned Nantucket dump diving. There’s no time like fall time for some killer Madaket mall steals. A lot of summer people are clearing out their homes for the winter, and who better than you to score all those awesome giveaways? (Also, we wish you the best of luck for that inevitable fit that your spouse is going to have when she or he sees all the new treasures you’ve brought home.)
3. Taking your dog for a bundled-up stroll on Dionis beach. The north shore is shielded from the harsher winds, so it’s a lovely place to walk during non-summer months. Best of all? You and your mutt are the only people there.
4. Learning a new skill, whether monetize-able or just fun. With our day planners looking a little more sparse than they were back in July, we have some more time to devote to the expansion of our minds and souls. Learn to teach English to non-native speakers at the Atheneum. Why not try your hand at knitting? All the cool grannies are doin’ it.
5. Baking homemade cinnamon buns (or cookies or brownies or blondies or pfeffernüsse…) There’s nothing like filling the house with the warmth and aroma of freshly baked goodies. Although this one might cost you a couple bucks at the grocery store, just leave that oven open when you’re all done baking and use all that wonderful, already-paid-for heat!

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