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AAN Opens Autumn Exhibition on Friday, October 28

As the days shorten and there are noticeably fewer boats anchored in the harbor, the feeling of autumn and all that accompanies it becomes ever more apparent.

On Friday, October 28, the Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) will open a showcase of It’s Scalloping Season in the Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street. The show will be on display through Wednesday, November 16.

“We believe this autumn-themed exhibition will highlight some of the beauty and unknown treasures of the island as the shoulder season begins, scenes not often on display in the gallery,” said AAN artistic director Robert Frazier.  “The vibrant colors of the Moors and tranquil light on the beaches, showcase an island not always seen by visitors,” added Frazier.

“This exhibition includes everything from oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media, fabric art, ceramics, wood carvings, photographs and some jewelry,” said AAN gallery director Peter J. Greenhalgh.   “We invite you to come and see some of the amazing talent found on this island thirty miles out to sea,” added Greenhalgh.

AAN is also hosting an online exhibition, Autumn Leaves, which may be found on our website, nantucketarts.org/art running through October 29. This season we’re also exhibiting work at our Big Gallery, upstairs at 12 Straight Wharf.  

The AAN artist membership includes close to 250 local artists, and we are grateful they continue to help make our award-winning AAN gallery (I&M BEST OF and Yankee Magazine Best of New England) one of the most comprehensive venues for local art.

To learn more about the AAN, visit our website at nantucketarts.org or follow us on our Instagram@ackartists. For information about AAN’s 2022 carefully crafted programs, call 508-228-0722.

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