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When the Worst of Times Turns into the Best of Times

There are times that to be reminded of the best of Nantucket we first must experience some of the worst of living on an island.


This weekend we got stuck in Boston while returning from a trip off-island.  Fog had enveloped Nantucket, stopping all air traffic.  Determined to get home after a week in America, we conferred with two other island residents equally resolved to not let the weather prevent a return home.  Knowing there are more travel options available in Hyannis, we decided to rent a car and drive there together.  We made reservations for four on a 9:50 am Cape Air flight from Hyannis to Nantucket, quickly gathered our belongings, and dashed to the rental car counter in Logan.


We were on the road within 20 minutes and hoped that the driving rain would clear the fog.  We chatted during the drive about what brought each of us to Nantucket, what we do there, how much we miss the island when we’re Off.  By the time we got to Hyannis the stress of the situation had been relieved by laughter and camaraderie.


We arrived at Barnstable Municipal Airport with two minutes to spare.  As we were checking in, Nantucket Airport, which had reopened, closed again due to weather.  We rebooked on an 11:30 am flight and settled in to wait.  The airport cafe was closed, so we shared some cheddar chips and soda for breakfast.


The rain stopped but the fog got thicker.  The flight to Nantucket that left just before the one we were to take was forced to return to Hyannis. Barnstable airport closed.  It was time to head to the ferry.


We shared a cab to the Hy-Line docks, bought tickets on the 12:00 high-speed, and settled into the third waiting room that morning. As noon approached, more island residents filed into the room bound for home.  Our party of four split to greet other friends and share tales of foiled travel plans.  We regrouped to board and sat together.  Half-way across, we toasted our success with a round of Bloody Marys, settled in for the rest of the ride home.


In the span of just a few hours, a morning of frustration had been transformed into a day of friendship and fun.

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