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“This Boat Goes to the Vineyard, Right?”

For better or worse, taking a wrong turn is sometimes a part of the journey. We’ve all gotten off using the wrong exit or gone the wrong direction on the highway, missed a left or a right, or taken the wrong bus. If we’re lucky, we notice the mistake before we’ve gone too far. Or better yet, serendipity takes control.

I left my house yesterday morning and made the 100 mile drive to Hyannis, put my daughter on my shoulders and strolled from the car to the dock and bought our tickets to Nantucket. Fortunately for us, there were no speed bumps and the trip was smooth. I bought some coffee for me and some juice for her, and we settled down into our seats. I exhaled and relaxed, but couldn’t help but drop eaves on a conversation from across the aisle.

There were two young couples, both with energetic young children and too much luggage.  They were sharing a  semi-circle booth and drinking white wine before noon.  Both were evidently excited about the day, and they began to talk.  Eventually, the destination of the boat came up as a topic, and this is when I started paying attention.

The wife to the right asks, “Have you been to Nantucket before or is this your first visit?”

With a mixture of humor and concern in his voice, the husband to the left responds, “This boat is going to Martha’s Vineyard.  Right honey?  You booked the tickets.”  Honey’s face was stricken.

Both pairs of people were suddenly in a panic, asking everyone within earshot the same question, hoping to hear what they wanted to hear.  I just smiled, knowing without a doubt where this boat was bound.

After a minute of research and acceptance, the couple bound for the Vineyard quietly stood up, gathered their bags and their babies and exited the vessel.  I think they should have stayed, committed to their mistake, and made the best of the weekend.  They would have discovered that Nantucket is the best destination.

— by C. Oscar Olson

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